04/03/09 CAMPUS COPS

my first semester at uw milwaukee i lived in the dorms. one day skating with my little cousin we ended up having to run from campus cops which if i remember right was simply mpd working on campus. to my surprise he followed us through two floors of the union until we finally lost him. unfortunately we got picked up across campus by a second cop. #1 came squealing around the corner simultaneously slamming his rolling car into park while jumping out of it. #2 had taken all our info... we were from racine .. didn't know about the "no skating on campus thing" ... blah,blah,blah. #1 raged into the middle of all of this, grabbed my board, threw it down the street, cuffed me, pushed me toward his car, lifted me off my feet to slam me on the hood all while verbally assaulting my 14 year old cousin with empty threats. when he emptied my pockets on the hood throwing a handful of change as menacingly as possible, he discovered my meal card. #2 commented that i had stated that i didn't go to school there. #1 took this opportunity to tell me that if i lied about that then i could be lying about my true identity and they could hold me for that until i could provide proof. thus began my story... i meekly explained that i was nervous and had misunderstood. i told them i had thought #2 had asked if i went to school like high school, not like taking classes at the university. by this time #1 had let me stand up and face them. i went on about the reason we ran was because i had become afraid of police officers because of an incident at red arrow park where an officer had tackled me to the ground as i stood frozen in fear. i even went as far as turning around to show them a long scab on my forearm that i got bombing a hill a few days before telling them it was from getting tackled. i'll never know if they truly bought the story or not, but i was immediately uncuffed. #1 changed his tone as he explained how he didn't know about that, and how he understood. he even went as far as to tell us he used to skate and gave us suggestions where maybe we could skate legally and that we should be careful and have fun.
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