this clip is from last summers dc trip to nashville. when i used to skate milwaukee every night back in the day we'd run into people like this all the time. somethin magic about those nights. anyone out there remember marcus? aka... red, bushwick, spiderman, handstandman. he used to ride on his hands down the hill on farwell in front of phase from north ave to kennilworth. me and al t set him up a complete one night outta used parts. he almost cried when we gave it to him. he skated satan curb with us for a half an hour. he'd just push back and forth past the curb as fast as he could. and wait his turn attempting ollies. so ill to see a guy like that get so much out of a skateboard and not give a shit about anything else for a moment. he took off on the board saying he'd be back in a minute. of course he never came back and when we saw him later that night he no longer had the board but for that half hour he was more than stoked... here's to marcus, guys like daryl and anyone who's ever stepped on a skateboard and loved it.
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