06/02/10 Dennis Hopper

years ago i was at ps1 gallery in queens. in one of the rooms was a projector running a loop film put together by dennis hopper. it was some old stock footage of an evel knievel style motorcycle jump that winds up in a horrible crash. the audio announced... "ladies and gentlemen, dennis hopper" and the stunt man would take off down the strip hit the jump and then crash. over and over. i sat there grinning ear to ear, imagining mr hopper coming up with the idea. i imagined him putting it together smiling ear to ear chuckling to himself. loving it. who knows how it really came together, i never read anything about it. i searched the web the last 20 min hoping to find it. it seemed perfect for this post, but no luck. as i'm sure you all know by now dennis passed away last week at 74. actor, artist, filmaker, photographer... that was one hell of a run. nytimes
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