08/29/2011 Last Week

Last week was wild... Harrison came to town to help take down Monica's show in the gallery. We primed and painted all weekend then rented a box truck and loaded everything from the show to take to Detroit to be used for other projects. Tuesday night we headed out of town and not without a newly acquired treasure strapped to the back end of the truck. We arrived at my favorite home away from home, The Treasure Nest, around 4am Wednesday morning and we got a lil sleep. After some breakfast tea Harrison took me to a warehouse space that is soon to be a wonderland. I met a ton of new friends as we unloaded all the treasures from the truck. We did some exploring later in the afternoon then headed back to the warehouse for a party with everyone involved with the project. We got back to The Treasure Nest late enough to just stay up until my 7 am flight to Chicago. Which by the way only cost $40 on Spirit Airlines. Once in Chicago I caught the Wisconsin Coachline home to finish the paint job in the gallery and get it ready for the Fine Line Magazine release party we had Friday night. Got Vanessa Andrew's new temporary mural up before the party and all went well. Saturday mornin I went right into building some new stuff for the days block party/skate jam... and thats about it.
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