01/11/2012 Facebook

If you didn't know, I actually put a serious effort into the Sky High Facebook page. Vid links, music, chit chat banter and also contests to keep people thinking. One contest I devised is the "Video Still Contest". I take a screen shot of a moment in skate vid history and the people paying attention can physically come into the shop and tell me the skater and vid title and win a Sky High t-shirt. I stepped it up the last few times going back and finding moments where certain pros/ams were caught on tape wearing Sky High tees. Quim Cardona in Gnarcotica, Adam Graham in E.S.T. 2 and so on... Well the last still contest didn't even get a guess. And the dudes name was right there under him, although Meinholz himself didn't even remember the vid. Anybody out there remember this? Call the shop with the answer and I'll ship you a shirt..

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