01/17/2012 B-Right

The Millk Man sent this my way... a new project from B*Right sceduled to drop February 12th.
"Creativity Rules Everything Around Me is what I told my mother, she gave me a blank stare. The word "Creativity" means nothing to her or anybody else where I'm from. Dreams of hitting the road and striking it RICH! we all have... sorta like a Gold Rush. Then I could bring the money back and shed light on the many dark places in my community.
I looked in the mirror this morning, I saw a lost soul. I went to look outside and I saw empty hearts, this must be the Reason. Hearts have been replaced with business, Art has been replaced with trends. If I had One More Chance to make a difference, then with my last breath I would start a movement using the only thing I know that will be here forever...... ART" Follow Tha Love Movement here @realb_right and here @spiltmillk
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