11/11/2013 Southbank

A new short from Henry Edwards Wood to further the Long Live Southbank efforts. What is happening at Southbank happens everywhere, this is another example of our history as skateboarders being erased by those that call the shots and pay no mind. Slam City posted some important words from Henry...

"I think you'll agree we have all been very privileged to have grown up skateboarding in a free-er,
more liberal and less controlled world. Sadly this is slowly changing and even skateboarding itself is beginning to mirror the bland cosmetic wasteland of commercialism. I'm proud to be a British skateboarder because the grit, passion, perserverance and over all magic of our skateboard scene means that the corporations can never really own it here like they do in the states,

However, losing southbank would see the generational link between the ethos and values of our beloved pastime which has given us all so much and the kids will be left to learn about skateboarding through street league and the berrics. Please give as much time and ability as you can to seeing that this documentary goes viral by spreading the word, calling in favours and shout outs to get our voice heard. This is our best shot at preserving this amazing place that all of us have no doubt took for granted on occasion."

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