05/04/2016 HUF

New HUF Classic Hi's, Lo's as well as the Cromer now in shop.

05/04/2016 Snack

New Snack wood and tees now in shop.

04/28/2016 Welcome

A few new Welcome decks as well as Orbs wheels have arrived and are now in shop.

04/21/2016 Polar

The new Polar Skate Co dvd is now available in shop!

04/13/2016 5 Boro

New 5Boro wood now in shop.

04/13/2016 Vans

New Vans AVE Rapidweld and the Half Cab in XTuff rubber coated suede now in shop.

04/08/2016 Sky High

For years I've held back and never done shop decks. I always felt I would rather sell a branded board from the companies that do it day in and out. But over the last few years I don't feel the same support from some of the same companies I've stood by... So I went and did it. Sky High decks now available in shop only.

04/06/2016 CONS

Converse CONS are now available in shop. All leather Jason Jesse CTS, high and low suede CTS and the suede One Star.

04/02/2016 VHS 2

All the local stoke... VHS-2 dvd's are now available in shop.

03/30/2016 Polar

New wood from Polar Skate Co now in shop.

03/21/2016 Theories

New wood from Theories of Atlantis. Magenta and Traffic decks now in shop.

03/18/2016 Vans

New Vans TNT SG Pro now in shop.

03/18/2016 Vans

New Vans Era Pro and Old Skool Pro now in shop.

02/17/2016 Reed

All new Reed urethane now in shop.

02/12/2016 Quasi

All new Quasi wood now in shop.