02/01/2016 Lakai LTD

You'd have to live in a hole to not know this is happening. This is the first and only time I will back a re-do on a shoe. The new Staple makes the same impression as the original. All three colors will be in stock by this weekend.

01/29/2016 Doom Sayers

New Doom Sayers in shop. These RedCurb Sliders are hot!

01/23/2016 Cream City

Augie Johansen with the hanger...


The FA-HOCKEY book just arrived. Swing through and pick up yours...

01/14/2016 Vans

Re-up on all the fave Classic Pros...

01/07/2016 Days Off

Lately side jobs are paying the bills. Lil temporary somethin for Neuhaus at the Mo Faux studio in Chicago. Sponsored by Vans Shoes.

01/04/2016 Nordness

Nordy hit 25 today... Happy Birthday BMan!  Bishop photo.

01/03/2016 ACSC

Whelp, the boys brought home another 1st in the All City Showdown Chicago. These dudes go hard on the daily so it all makes sense to me. Lil Nordy even got himself a MVP ring!

01/02/2016 All City Chicago


The new Sky High INSTITUTION TEE just dropped. A gift to me from Pat Murphy, Vince Stranc and Channing Sabir. The boys put this one together without me knowing as a thank you for everything over the years. Only 50 were printed and are available in shop only. Thanks boys.

11/28/2015 Snack

New waxed canvas 5 panels from Snack now in shop.

11/28/2015 Snack

All new Snack wood now in shop, including guest artists Pu Bare and LSD Worldpeace

11/25/2015 Spitfire

All new Spitfire Wheels in stock.

11/15/2015 The New Yorker 1991

The world is all wrong

11/12/2015 Vans

Re-stock of the Slip On Pro as well as new stock of the Chima Estate Pro now in shop.